If we have to say all about us; then Honey wont be produced from our camp in a while. But we will try our best to spill some story.


The story of BuzyBee Pure Honey begun actually in 2014 as a mere statement to a father that "I would like to launch a product brand to boost my CV in advertising, and I am thinking of water packed in paper boxes". Whatever the response from the father was is in the past. Then another day "Water in Paper Boxes you say wont work, how about Honey?". Either because he knew someone in the same business and struggling or doing so well he didn't want me take part in the harvest; he said "It is too much work and not viable".

A year down the line in 2015 the fathers gentle soul laid down to rest.

By early months of 2016; We had begun buying and distributing 100% Pure Honey for free from trusted sources to close friends and family.

Down the year 2016 we decided to turn this act of generosity into a business to get the same quality to other Honey Lovers a-wide. With the design, branding and advertising skills acquired over the past 16yrs, we merged all together and came up with a first probable Business Idea.

Not until August 2016 was our first probable Logo birth as below.


We have really come a long way; this was our very first filling chamber back in 2016. Very Humble beginnings.

Who can spot our Maxi 4Lrs Bottle in there? and Oh! our sample bottles too.


The ultimate question you might be asking, reading down to this point would be; Why Honey?

We chose Honey for very few reasons, one reason being the fact that we have been Honey lovers ourselves for a long period of time before the idea of even venturing into a food production business popped up into mind. Being a Lover of anything makes you particular about getting nothing but the best of your love. As we all know, there is the general knowledge and truth that many Honeys that come on the market are not Pure and Natural. Sellers using all sort of means to adulterate for higher returns.

This fact isn't a lie at all as even before we will begin this business we identified a few bad Honeys on the market. Most of which are very difficult to identify. This scare has gotten many other Honey Lovers to coil into their shells and depend on Sugar or other natural sweeteners. And that is the second reason Why we chose Honey!

Thirdly, we chose Honey, because it was going to be the toughest food product to push to gain Trust for.

Why do we say that? Many were once lovers of Honey but got disappointed, so what would it take to gain back their lost trust? Many also have their own perceptions about the look, feel, smell and density of Honey, and these are just a few battles to fight for trust.

We believe strongly that in our almost 3yrs now of operation; we have achieved some Trust!

BuzyBee Pure Honey Today!

Today in our history we can boldly say we have indeed come a long way. We begun production in a small room sharing space as a factory and a sleeping place, producing just about 20 to 50 bottles a month. Our first big score was an order from AWEN-YAMI who took about 250 bottles of all our sizes inclusive. This was in the later part of 2016, in 2017 we moved to a two room gated house where BuzyBee Honey Ghana had the first self contained room to herself as in some pictures below.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We operated in above location for 2yrs until in 2019 January when we moved to again quite a bigger space than above.


Our Mission is steadily scouting for, acquiring and making available the best and unadulterated Honey to bridge the gap left between Honey Lovers and their favorite Natural Golden Juice as one of our oldest customers call Honey.


Our Vision is to be the brand name mentioned in any conversation held anywhere in the world about 100% Pure Natural Honey.

We have come to provide nothing but the best there can ever be.


The future of BuzyBee Honey Ghana is very big, just keep glued to our journey of greatness.

We have come to to make a difference and we are stopping at nothing until that difference is so clear Honey gets a new Name.

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