Our engines

For every drop of Honey you enjoy from BuzyBee Pure Honey Ghana; it takes either a sole Engine or a workforce of Engines to make that possible. Sacrifices are made constantly and a lot also learnt and achieved together as a family in our camp.

We call our workforce Engines because of the definition of Engines from the Oxford English Dictionary;

"A thing that is the agent or instrument of a particular process." That is what our workforce is!

Our Engine Forces

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Asiome Kwametse Adoboe, is our General Manager of Operations. He is the steering to our Engine. His high knowledge in Creativity, Design, Advertising and Love for Pure Honey has kept us on the road this far.

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Jennifer Nana-Ama Nkeane, is our Marketing Manager. She serves as the door for most of our vendors signing on to stock our products. Jennifer is a graduate Nurse so serves also as our Healthy Quality Control officer.

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Edinam Peter Adoboe, any Engine without wheels is like a business with no vision. Edinam has been the wheels on the ground since day one we had to make our first dispatch Delivery.

He is Hardworking, Smart and Fast.