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BuzyBee Pure Honey is carefully expanding its distribution. Interested in carrying BuzyBee Pure Honey in your store? Fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.

Why become a Vendor?

BuzyBee Pure Honey Ghana is a business aimed at bridging the gap left between Honey Lovers and their favorite product Pure Honey; a Love ruined by most inferior producers on the market.

Our Product Brand is fully registered and certified by the Ghana Food & Drugs Authority (FDA) with Product License number: FDA/Sg17-014.


BuzyBee Pure Honey came up from passion and love for Pure Honey and will remain same even for any subsequent product we might bring on the market. We are building and positioning our brand to be mentioned among the best brands on the market.
We believe that; your support can help us greatly achieve this goal, thus we are proposing you consider stocking our product range in your shops and we will
support with variety of marketing mediums to make sure the products don't stay long on your shelves.

 As a BuzyBee Pure Honey Vendor, you enjoy so many privileges no other local product partner will give you.
The makers of BuzyBee Pure Honey are set to make difference in everything they do, as one of their favorite quotes is; “You do something, it’s copied; you move on to do something else and it’s also copied, You must move again. The move to do something else is success.”

Thank you very much for your interest in stocking our Honey.

Your Request is well received, we will contact you soon!

BuzyBee Pure Honey first of all don’t see the reason why we must 'dump' our products on your shelve and hope they sell. Yes they might all be bought off the shelves someday, but one inevitable question is How long before then? Also are we building our brands right?

Any Vendor who partners with us to bulk purchase & retail BuzyBee Pure Honey gets the following and more;

  • Listing on our Website & Android Mobile Web App

  • Mentions & Promos on our Social Media Channels

  • Shop Branding (Danglers, Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, etc) 

  • Shop front activation among others if allowed.

  • Customer direction to your shop - If a customer contacts us directly for a product, we request their location and direct them to any of our nearest Vendor store close to them to buy.

  • Price Regulation - our prices are about same in all shops - Any BuzyBee Pure Honey trustee customer that walks into your shop will purchase at the price he/she buys it from any other shop and as listed on our webstore.


We are set to make a difference, and we believe that you & us can achieve this goal together if we work at it.